Friday, July 17, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty Reflects Glitter Review

This is an absolutely awful picture...but it'll have to do.  These are my MAC Hello Kitty inspired eyes.  I tested out their new Hello Kitty Reflects Glitter ~ Very Pink.  The glitter is very fine and will stick somewhat well to the Paint Pot base. However if you use a wet or sticky base, like lipstick or liquid shadow, it stays on better and is much more pigmented. But, be careful what color base you use because the glitter is not a solid color and you can see the base shadow through the glitter. You can also put the glitter over lipstick and top that with clear lip gloss for some dazzlingly pink lips. So if you like very glittery makeup this is definitely a product I would recommend!

What I used:

MAC Paint Pot~ Bare Study
MAC Eye Khol~ Smolder
MAC Reflects Glitter~ Very Pink
MAC Eye Shadow~ Forgery
Clinique Mascara~ High Definition Brush Then Comb 

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