Monday, July 27, 2009


So when I went downtown I visited this shop called Reckless Records where I found a used copy of ,Bones' Seasons 1 ($17.99) and 2 (24.99). At ,Best Buy' they run at $39.99 (season 1) and  49.99 (season 2). And the discs are in almost perfect condition! You can , Buy Sell & Trade CDs, Records, DVDs, Videogames, Videos and more!' They sell their merchandise at very reasonable prices, and its a great place to find some unusual or hard to find items. You can also shop online at their website. They ship all over the US, but I'm not sure if they ship overseas, you'd have to give them a call about that.  They are a really great store and if you're a movie/music addict then you should definitely check this place out!

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