Monday, May 26, 2014

Ross Noble: Fizzy Logic

And we continue on with the Ross Noble inspired nails...This time it's Fizzy Logic. This design is more inspired by his shirt than the set itself.

This was a perfect excuse to use my round studs. 

What I used:

Duri Rejuvacote
Forever 21 in Purple Reign
Qtica Extending Top Coat

Round nail studs 

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Black Stripes: Ross Noble's Nobleism

While I was in London I would put the TV on while I was putting on my makeup every morning. Dave quickly became my favorite channel, and they were playing reruns of Qi. Ross Noble was a guest on one of the episodes. He is absolutely hilarious! I've been watching all of his shows since I've been back. So be prepared for quite a few Ross Noble inspired nail designs. He has pretty ridiculous sets that are quite perfect for nail art.

This design is inspired by the background from his Nobleism show from 2009. I've been wanting to do black nails for awhile now, so this was perfect.

What I used:

Duri Rejovacote
Zoya in Raven
StripeRite in White
Qtica Extending Top Coat

Friday, April 11, 2014

Doctor Who Union Jack Nails

Can you guess where I am? 
I'm currently in London! Yay! I'm here for the 2014 World Irish Dance Competition. My sister and cousin are both competing again this year. These are the nails that I'm wearing on the plane.

Oh yes! I am a huge nerd and have 10's sonic screwdriver.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mint Geometric

What I used:

Duri Rejuvacote
Forever 21 in Mint
StripeRite in Black
StripeRite in White
Qtica Extending Top Coat

Friday, April 4, 2014

Irish Dance inspired nails

This is my cousin's Irish Dance vest. Last year he placed fourth at the World Irish Dance Competition in his age group. This year I was asked to design his new vest. His previous vest had swirly patterns that went from red to orange to yellow. They were reminiscent of flames, which he really liked. This time  he wanted red and gold and black for the colors. So I took the flame idea and turned them into graphic bold shapes. I really like the way it turned out.

When we received the vest, it had to be altered and then blinged out. So my aunt and I hand placed and glued all of the crystals on the front and back of the vest. We did the gold crystals back in November when we received the vest, but my aunt wanted to add a bit more for the World Competition, which is coming up in April. So this week I spent about 5 hours placing and gluing the red crystals in the flames. I'm a bit crystal obsessed right now.

So because of I've been staring at this vest for so long I decided to do a nail look based on it. It didn't turn out as neatly as I would like, as I'm still getting used to the Migi Nail Art Pens. But I thought I'd share it with you anyway.

I think I might try this design again, and hopefully it will turn out neater that this. I would recommend using Seche Vite top coat with the Migi Nail Art Pens. I've never had a problem with the polish smearing when I put the Seche Vite top coat, but with the Qtica you can see it smeared quite a bit.

What I used:

Duri Rejuvacote
Zoya in Raven
Migi Nail Art Pen in Red
Migi Nail Art Pen in Yellow
Qtica Top Coat

Monday, March 31, 2014

Divergent Series: Dauntless Fire

These are the nails I wore when I went to see the movie. I thought it was really good! The casting was really great, and even though they changed some things I totally understood why they did. I think the ending was quite good, although I have yet to read the next book, so that opinion might change. And Theo James...lovely as per usual.

But it was cool to see so much of Chicago in the film. They kept most of the references in that only people who live or have visited Chicago would know. I thought that was a nice touch. But on to the nails!